This project comes out Emil Borel’s statement (the Infinite Monkey theorem “if an army of monkeys hits keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for long enough, it would sooner or later produce all of the books in the British Museum:”) and from the biological definition of the term “evolution” (progressive and uninterrupted, accumulating successive changes until, in a long enough time span, significant morphological, structural and functional changes are manifested in living organisms).
Time Machine (Infinite Monkey) is a creative work made from an initial cell of a potentially infinite endeavour coming out of the active interaction of all people. The work grows with the contribution of the personalised creation of a single gear wheel, which added to the previous ones becomes an evolution of the artwork.
Every addition, therefore, isn’t just a “post-it” note that records a personal thought, but becomes a gearwheel that turns and in turn makes other wheels in the system turn, connecting with those made by other people, and in this way underlining our causal and non-casual essence of being. The project is presumed to be a modular surface that can grow at the same rate of the exponential number of participants.