(born in 1955) starts exhibiting his works in the middle of 70s. In 1993, he establishes the Cracking Art Group together with other five artists. His preferred material is plastic representing the mean of a social and ecological commitment. Together with the group he took part to the 49° Biennale of Venice in 2001, through the S.O.S. World installation: more than thousand turtles of recycled and golden plastic occupying the gardens around the historic pavilions. In 2011 and 2013, he's back with the Group at the Biennale.
Beside the performances and installations of the Cracking Art, Renzo Nucara develops his artistic research which, especially during the latest years, is focussed on plexiglas creations, named Stratofilm by the artist: transparent and stratified photograms that incorporate different elements, ranging from natural and daily ones to discard materials and past reminiscences.


is born in Brescia in 1954. He graduates in arts and attends the specialization course on advertising photography at the Design Institute in Milan. In 1978, he opens a studio of advertising photography, active till 1988 a time in which photography gradually started to turn into digital formats and devices.
His experience developed in the field of photography together with his interest for technologies are at the basis of his role as manager of projects in the multimedia sector at SEITON in Bergamo, a private company for IT support and solutions. In 1990, he founds the private company NEW MEDIA offering advice, methods and applications to medium and large enterprises.
In 2005, his passion for photographic image brings him back to video production: national, industrial advertising spots, documentaries, reportage and musical videos preferring the context of creativity and arts.


Architect and designer, always in love with the dormant potential of people, things and places. Over the years he has had the opportunity to implement eclectic experiences, with frequent changes of scale and context, independently or working with design studios, companies and communication agencies. The common thread is a curious and persevering attention to the design process.
In 2013 he founded Fablab Bergamo and in 2014 CODEsign (, self-produced design workshop. Supports the activities of teaching experience in the design workshops and seminars.